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The Central Academy for State Forest Service, Dehradun is one of the three premier forest institutes in the country for imparting training to state forest service personnel. The other two Academies are in Coimbatore (Tamil Nadu) and Burnihat (Assam). These three Central Academies for state service are under the administrative control of Ministry of Environment & Forest, Government of India through this Directorate.

The primary mandate of the Academy is:

  • Imparting Professional Training in practical forestry and related subjects at the induction stage on the newly recruited State Forest Officers.

  • Conducting workshops and short term refresher courses for the in-service State Forest Service Officers.

Induction Training

2011-13 SFS Course
Professional Induction Training Course of 41 newly recruited SFS Officers of 2011-13 batch from Sates of Andhra Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra & Meghalaya, who had joined on 14.07.2011 and completed their training successfully and were awarded diplomas at FRI Convocation Hall on 09.07.2013.

2012-14 SFS Course
Professional Induction Training Courses of 41 newly recruited SFS Officers of Andhra Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Goa & West Bengal who had joined on 14.07.2012. During the reporting period, this batch of Officer Trainees undertook their East India Tour & completed the On Job Training in their respective states besides attending the regular class room session. They completed their training successfully and were awarded diplomas at FRI Convocation Hall on 30.08.2014.

2014-16 SFS Course
Induction course of 39 officer trainees (OTs) from Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu is currently being undertaken in the academy. The training commenced on 01.02.2014.

Introductory Modules
During the introductory modules the trainees were taken on visits to Institutions of national importance like Forest Research Institute (FRI), Forest Survey of India (FSI), Wildlife Institute of India (WII), Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology (WIHG), Central Soil & Water Conservation Research & Training Institute and Survey of India. Besides, they were taken to FRI Botanical Garden, FRI Central Nursery and FRI City Photo Gallery.

Tours/Field visits

Introductory Tour
As part of the SFS induction course the SFS 2014-16 OTs were taken to Timli Forest Range of Kalsi Soil Conservation Forest Division from 24.02.2014 to 01.03.2014. During this period the OTs camped intents ad got their very first tasted of life outdoors. They were exposed to the local flora and fauna, birds and wildlife of the area and the experience trekking in the forest.

North India Tour
The North India tour covering the states of Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana and Chandigarh UT was from 04.04.2014 to 04.05.2014. The tour schedule enable the OTs to get a firsthand vista of agro forestry systems, energy efficient and green builds, high altitude vegetation, ex-situ and in-situ wildlife conservation, conservation breeding of various species, ecotourism, eco-development, hydroelectric projects and watershed management among others.

Field Exercises/Modules

First Aid Module
The OTs also underwent a three day module on first aid from 26.05.2014 to 28.05.2014 to enable them to deal with emergency medical situations during the course of their career. Experienced resource persons from FRI Hospital, Dehradun gave inputs of first aid techniques and dealing with medical emergencies.

PRA and Micro Watershed Planning Exercise
The OTs underwent a week long PRA and Micro Watershed Planning Exercise at the Central Soil & Watershed Planning Exercise at the Central Soil & Water Conservation Research & Training Institute, Dehradun from 04.06.2014 to 11.06.2014. They had a hands on training on all aspects of watershed management including PRA exercise. At the end of the exercise the trainees gave a presentation and submitted a report on the same.

Field Engineering exercise
The OTs attended a I week module on field engineering with the Bengal Engineer Group Central at Roorkee from 04.08.2014 to 09.08.2014. They were introduced to various practical aspects of field engineering techniques.

Extracurricular activities
In addition to classroom lectures, practical classes and field visits the OTs also participated in many extracurricular activities.

A quiz was organized on the occasion of World Forestry Day for the OTs on 21.03.2014. Energy conservation being an important concept today, the OTs conducted an energy audit of the CASFOS campus which also served to sensitize them about energy wastage and conservation.

With a view to improving their mass communication skills; the OTs were given an exposure to working with MS-Publisher and Windows Movie Maker which resulted in short films on nature & and Wildlife. These were highly appreciated by all present.

"Tree Watch-CASFOS" was initiated wherein the OTs observe and collect data about trees in the CASFOS campus every month with an objective to enhance the observation skills & increasing awareness about tree species in the campus.

Other than those mentioned above, an e-Photo competition; poster making competition to mark the World Environment day; project on creating up cycled articles from waster matter and planning of important medicinal plants species was taken up.

For including the social skills and celebrating the diverse culture of the country festivals like Holi, Ugadi and Ganesh Chaturthi were celebrated with great enthusiasm.

The Annual Intramural sports were held from 16th to 26th June. Marathon, team and individual games and various track and field events were organized which saw participation in large numbers by the OTs.

The spirit of humanity was displayed by the OTs as most of them came forward eagerly to donate blood on the occasion of a Blood Donation Camp organized in collaboration with the IMA Blood Bank, Dehraudn on 27.06.2014.

Finally the academic session came to an end with Srijan 2014, a grand cultural extravaganza where the OTs showcased their talents to a wide audience from the huge forestry fraternity in Dehradun.

Name list of 2011-13 SFS Course OT’s with State
List of Officer Trained of 2012-14 SFS Course, CASFOS, Dehradun
List of Officer Trainees of 2014-16 SFS Course, CASFOS, Dehradun

In-service Training/Theme based Course

Sl. No Theme Duration No. of Participants
1 Legal Issues in Forestry 22.07.13 to 27.07.13 14
2 Wildlife Management 19.08.13 to 24.07.13 16
3 General Refresher Course 16.09.13 to 27.09.13 20
4 Community Forestry & JFM 21.10.13 to 26.10.13 08
5 Human Resource Management 18.11.13 to 23.11.13 12


List of participants of One-week “Legal issue in Forestry and Wildlife” for In-service SFS Officers w.e.f. 22nd to 27th July, 2013
List of Participants of Training-cum-workshop on “Wildlife Management” for In-service SFS Officers w.e.f. 19th to 24th August, 2013
List of participants of Two week “General Refresher Course” for In-service SFS Officers w.e.f. 16th to 27th September, 2013
List of participants of One week “Community Forestry & Joint Forest Management” for In-service SFS Officers w.e.f. 21st to 26th October, 2013
List of participants of One week “Human Resource Management” for In-service SFS Officers w.e.f. 18th to 23rd November, 2013