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Induction Training

  • During the year under report, State Forest Service Officer Trainees of 2011-13 batch (two year Course) comprising of 40 numbers from the states of Jammu & Kashmir, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra have successfully complete their training and were relived on 20.07.2013.

  • During the year under report, 2012-14 batch of State Forest Service Officer Trainees comprising 36 numbers from the States of Jammu & Kashmir, Sikkim and Meghalaya have under gone training. Out of these 35 Officer Trainees have successfully complete their training and were relieved on 04.01.2014.

  • During the report period 36 Forest Range Officer Trainees joined the 18 months course (i.e. 2013-15 batch) started on 10.09.2013. These trainees are from the states of Arunachal Pradesh, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu.

  • During the report period SFS Trainees of 2011-13 & 2012-14 batches and FRO Trainees of 2013-15 batch have complete study tours to various parts of the country. Many field trips were also organized for them.

  • To motivate self-learning skills and leadership quality, all the officer trainees were encourage to deliver power point presentations on various emerging topics related to forestry and allied subjects by referring books from library and internet in line with their training curriculum during the report period.

  • Local Field visits were conducted for the officer trainees to impart training in field identification techniques for different kinds of plants, Soil Profile study, Bird Watching, Watershed Planning, Ecological Census Techniques, Eco- Tourism, Study of Paper

  • During the report period 2011-13 batch of SFS Trainees visited Andaman & Nicobar Islands as a part of their study tour.

  • SFS Trainees of 2011-13 & 2012-14 batched have successfully completed the Motor Mechanics, First Aid, Working Plan Exercise, and Road Alignment Exercise during the report period.

  • During the year 2013-14, FRO Trainees of 2013-15 batch have successfully under gone Jungle Survival and Combat Training Exercises at Special Task Force Jungle School at Sathyamangalam, Erode District.

  • Yoga has been taught as a part of curriculum activity along with PT & Games.

  • During the year 2013-14, two General Refresher Courses, and four Training-cum-Workshops were conducted. A total numbers of 74 In-service Forest Officers from various states of the country participated in the training.


Details of induction courses completed/underwent training during 2013-2014
Details of induction courses tours conducted during 2013-2014
Tours for 2011-13 batch SFS Trainees
Tours for 2012-14 batch SFS Trainees
Tours for 2013-15 batch FRO Trainees
List of trainees passed/undergoing training in induction courses
SFS Trainees
FRO Trainees
The list of the trainees of 2011-2013 SFS Batch who successfully completed the course
The list of the trainees of 2012-2014 SFS Batch who successfully completed the course
The list of the trainees of 2013-2015 FRO Batch (Undergoing Training)

In-service Training/Theme based Course

Details of refresher courses conducted during 2013-14 for in- service sfs officer
List of participants in refresher courses
General Refresher Course held from 17.06.2013 to 28.06.2013
General Refresher Course held from 09.12.2013 to 20.12.2013
details of workshops conducted during 2013-14 for in-service sfs officer
list of participants in different workshops
Workshop on “Wildlife Management” held from 20.05.2013 to 25.05.2013
Workshop on “Training of Trainers” held from 19.08.2013 to 24.08.2013
Workshop on “Legal Issues in Forestry & Wildlife” held from 16.09.2013 to 21.09.2013
Workshop on “Community Forestry & JFM” held from 21.10.2013 to 26.10.2013
Pictorial representations of the training progress

Any other activities undertaken during 2013-14

  • On 15th August 2013 Independence Day celebrated at CASFOS, Coimbatore. During this occasion two of the Staff members of CASFOS, Coimbatore were felicitated with “Best Workers Award” under the guide line of DFE, Dehradun.

  • On 17.07.2013, convocation of 2011-13 SFS Batch held Dr. Krishnakumar, IFS, Director, IFG& TB, Coimbatore was the Chief Guest and gave away the Diploma Certificate and Medal to the officer trainees who successfully complete the course. Shri Shivanand Naikwadi, won the Gold Medal, the prize for topper award of Ministry of Environment & Forests, Government of India.

  • Photographic Competition conduced among Officer Trainees during the month of July, 2013. Shri Kasab Shatanik Shyamsundar, of Maharashtra state 2011-13 SFS Batch won the First Prize and Ms. Srijana Chettri of Sikkim 2012-14 SFS Batch got Second Prize. The Photographs of all the participants were exhibited during the occasion of Convocation day on 17.07.2013.

  • On 03.01.2014, Convocation of 2012-14 SFS Batch was held at Champion Hall, CASFOS, Coimbatore. Dr. V.K. Melkani, IFS, Addl. PCCF, Project Tiger, Coimbatore was the Chief Guest and Dr. Ramakantha, IFS, Director, IWST, Bangalore was the Guest of Honour. Shri Pervaiz Ahmand Wani of Jammu & Kashmir State, ACF Trainee of 2012-14 batch was awarded the Gold Medal for Topper. The Academy’s Magazine “Santaroma”, was released on this occasion.

CASFOS Dehradun

CASFOS Dehradun The Central Academy for State Forest Service, Dehradun is one of the leading institutions under the aegis of Directorate of Forest Education, Ministry of Environment & Forests which imparts initial

CASFOS Burnihat

CASFOS Burnihat The Govt. of India in the year 1976, established the first State Forest Service College in the country at Burnihat so as to impart 1 1/2 years professional forestry training to the State Forest Service Officers