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  • To conduct induction training for newly recruited State Forest Services Officers and Range Forest Officers.

  • To conduct in-service training for State Forest Service Officers and Range Forest Officers in the form of short term Refresher and theme – based Courses.

  • To cater to the Training needs of SFS Officers and Forest Rangers of States/Union Territories in the country. Candidates Sponsored by various public sector undertaking, industrial firms, other institutions, universities and foreign countries also trained in these Institutions.

  • To ensure ‘standard and quality’ training imparted to the forestry personnel.

  • To help develop training ‘capacity and facility’ of desire standard, for various functionaries of forestry sector.

  • To assist develop appropriate and relevant training contents and evaluation standards for forestry training at various level.

  • To generate awareness and sensitivity about forest and forest conservation amongst various stakeholders.

  • To assist centre and the State to develop training policy for efficient human resource management and development.

CASFOS Dehradun

CASFOS Dehradun The Central Academy for State Forest Service, Dehradun is one of the leading institutions under the aegis of Directorate of Forest Education, Ministry of Environment & Forests which imparts initial